The KIte Runner

The KIte Runner

1) The Kite Runner

As I grow older, I can count with my finger how many book that I have read within 4 year. So I just finish this book and totally like it that I bought  2 more book with same author. Twitter recommend it to me so I decide to read it, at first I hardly read it but I shocked with the book climax that make me finish it no time that I neglect my sleep. I finished this book on 3AM crying on my bed 😢 I didn't expect that I will cry because of book but I really cry that morning. Because of that, i decide to read book again.

p/s: not synopsis thing but some kind of sharing that I want to write somewhere or anywhere to satisfy myself


I want to use this account for my list movie that I have already watch, It may lack somewhere as I will list it according to my life motto right now "One Movie One Day", this motto only start march 2021 and I don't remember how many movie that I watch. When I remember I will write it here. silly but I have to do it because I have neglect my studies, my life and anything that I only focus watching dramas and movies. I have to stop this life one day ;P 

  • 1989 When Harry Met Sally 
  • 1995 Love Letter
  • 2003 Love Actually
  • 2003 Josee, The Tiger and The Fish
  • 2004 Hana and Alice
  • 2004 Nobody Knows
  • 2007 The Kite Runner
  • 2010 Villain(Akunin)
  • 2010 Gantz
  • 2013 Rebirth
  • 2013 About Time
  • 2013 Like Father Like Son
  • 2014 I just Wanna Hug You
  • 2014 Love Rosie
  • 2015 Living With My Mother
  • 2015 Our Little Sister
  • 2016 Master 
  • 2016 Drowning Love
  • 2016 Rage
  • 2016 A Girl at My Door
  • 2016 Birds Without Names
  • 2016 One Day
  • 2017 Kiseki: Sobito of That Day
  • 2017 The 100th Love With You
  • 2017 The Scythian Lamb
  • 2018 Every Day is a Good Day
  • 2018 Tonight, At The Movie
  • 2018 Killing for The Prosecution
  • 2018 Shoplifters
  • 2018 My Little Monster
  • 2018 The Lies She Loved
  • 2018 Million Dollar Man
  • 2018 50 First Kisses
  • 2019 The Garden of Evening Mists
  • 2019 Brave Father Online: Our Story of Final Fantasy XIV
  • 2020 Tapestry
  • 2020 Wife of a Spy
  • 2020 Romance Doll
  • 2020 Minari
  • 2020 One in a Hundred Thousand
  • 2020 Collectors
  • 2020 The Asadas
  • 2020 The Con Heartist
  • 2021 Sweet and Sour

p/s: this list will ongoinggg ~~


since I never update anything in this live journal, I just decided to make my own list such as my book list, movie or drama. I like arashi that I came across this live journal things that I don't know before and now my laptop full of arashi and I have to move all my movie, drama to hard drive. I hate watching raw video because I don't understand japan :( and I really bad with language. So my live journal will be like diary that I want when I was a kid ^-^